"legacy is all you leave behind in this world,

i hope you leave behind a good one."

...or vixen/nicknames.

im generally pretty friendly and approachable so dont be afraid to talk to me.
also my commission info is here!

pt; im usually off tab so whisp2int!
disc; i dont usually talk in servers

under 16 limit interaction. people from the past stay out of my life, i left you for a reason ^_^

other than that i block freely, if youre blocked/hidden dont bother asking.

i have autism & bpd and it can be explosive if you push my limits; as well as other issues. if you cant handle that then i advise you dont talk to me.
dont vent to me or friend/follow request without permission.. if you need something ping me.

interests; honkai impact 3rd, homestuck, my little pony, psychology, qsmp, dsmp (tommy, quackity, wilbur, & fanart exclusively), identity v, genshin impact + unlisted

romantic comforts; raiden mei, raiden ei, fu hua, widowmaker, fiona gilman

babygirls (joke); c/q!wilbur, karkat vantas